Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forests & mineral products in the growth of hemp fields?
Henry Ford

Carbon Neutral Holiday
Sustainable carbon storing cottages.
Hemp house
Hempcrete is touted as the most energy-efficient construction material on the market, bringing annual energy savings to homeowners and improving the building sector's carbon-dioxide emissions.
Solar energy
The homes will also be capable of transferring electricity it generates – which will be a lot thanks to the super energy efficient design
hemp plant absorbs so much carbon dioxide is because its a fast-growing plant which needs to create a hard woody stem to support itself at its full height. It grows up to 4 metres in around 4 months
Hemp CO2 Capture
Each tonne of lime-based hempcrete is estimated to absorb and sequester 249 kg of CO2 over a 100 year lifecycle.
Total property size 22ha (54acres)
Broceni, Mastini, Latvia

"We believe in an environmentally and socially sustainable future so much that we built out sustainable cottages with Hemp! With around three luxury treehouses next to 9km long lake"

The site is 22 hectares of beautiful land. There are 10 cosy and comfortable cottages will are made out of wood and hempcrete using traditional methods. There are 3 treehouses which can accommodate up to 5 people in each. We also have plenty of pitches for campers to pitch a tent and soak up the atmosphere.

Types of cottages
All our planed cottages will be furnished with everything necessary and made of hempcrete
Couples Cottage
26m2+ (concept)

From 70-120 euros
5 double rooms and 5 triple cottages next to the lake and forest. Daily room cleaning are included.
Friends Cottage
52m2+ (concept)

From 170 euros
5 four bed cottages with a terrace, a sauna, a place for barbecue and a lake view. You can cook on your own in the kitchen.
Family Cottage
78m2+ (concept)

From 250 euros
5 five-bed cottages with individual terrace and a view on the lake. You can cook on your own in the kitchen.
Secret Trees Documents
White paper (draft)
This document is a draft version about the business proposal
White paper is in draft version while seeking seed fundings
STG_draft _v13eng.pdf
Detail Plan
We create new business approach
Detail plan was developed in 2008 for private household construciton plots
On the territory of the park there are many kinds of entertainment for any taste
In our Park-Hotel you can visit Finnish, Russian and Turkish saunas, relax in special room and swim in the pool after visiting a sauna.
On the Oulujarvi lake, you can enjoy fishing in surrounding of nature all year round. We will provide you with all the necessary supplies.
Sport activities
On our territory there are several sports grounds for children and adults. Also you can rent bicycles, boat and much more.
Contact us
+371 252 85 999
Mastini, Brocēni, Latvia
Secret Garden Social Responsibility

We are aware of and work in partnership with our surrounding habitats, wildlife and local communities. This combination helps to create the ideal location to relax and escape without sacrificing on your ethics in our sustainable natural environment. All our food is produced locally which helps with promoting local producers and industries.

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